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            Emerson medical industry knowledge in fluid control and device assembly for medical equipment manufacturers

            Reduce Costs and Accelerate New Product Launches

            Our in-depth medical industry knowledge across fluid control and device assembly provides a competitive advantage to medical equipment manufacturers in all aspects of product development and regulatory compliance. For OEM medical manufactures who need assistance assembling complex medical devices, our industry experience can guide you through the product development process. Our fluid control valves can assure your products have the repeatability and reliability you require for high-volume lab work, lifesaving procedures and monitoring. Regardless of the application challenge, you can count on Emerson’s technical expertise and responsive hands-on support to quickly provide solutions that enhance your ability to stay ahead of the latest medical industry trends.

            The Latest

            News Release

            Emerson 2019 ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program is Now Open for Applications

            The merit-based scholarships reward students' potential for leadership and contributions to the engineering and related professions.
            Mar 4, 2019
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            News Release

            Emerson Awards Scholarships to Next-Gen Engineering Leaders

            ASCO Engineering Scholarships support students, schools over a decade with $132,000 in awards
            Oct 17, 2018
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            News Release

            Emerson Enhances Proportional Valves with Digital Communications Interface for Industry 4.0 And...

            Availability of IO-Link? communications for ASCO Numatics? Sentronic Plus and Sentronic LP proportional pressure control valves increases...
            Oct 15, 2018
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