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            In a changing and diverse industry, Emerson’s chemical process solutions offer certainty.


            Implement Solutions Tailored to Your Toughest Production Challenges

            As a chemical producer, you strive to meet your customers’ demands safely and efficiently. But you also face a wide range of challenges unique to your operation and business goals. Only a unique supplier—one with the global reach that Emerson provides—can serve such a diverse industry. No matter what your project requires, Emerson has the right technology and expertise to help you solve your biggest production challenges.

            The Latest

            News Release

            Emerson to automate massive Tahrir Petrochemicals project in Egypt

            Carbon Holdings has chosen Emerson to provide automation and reliability technologies for what will be the world’s largest naptha cracker plant.
            Apr 18, 2017
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            Significant enhancements promise to bolster plant defenses

            Emerson is helping chemical plants deploy the right level of cyber security systems while also identifying possible future vulnerabilities.
            Mar 31, 2017
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            SipChem system migration project meets tight deadline

            Emerson helped SipChem complete a complex system upgrade on schedule—even after the project timeline was shortened from 10 months to 10 weeks.
            Mar 31, 2017
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