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            Industrial IoT

            Putting technology to work for your operations.

            Woman in a hard hat and engineering gear looking towards a plant at night.

            Scalable, Secure Technologies and Services Put the ROI in IIoT.

            Companies are dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of decision- making and actions based on having the right information in the hands of the right expert…no matter where they sit.? The Industrial Internet of Things is ushering in a digital transformation that enables companies to exploit technology and expertise better than ever before, but only if the right scalable technology strategy is matched to your business goals. Emerson will put you on the right path.

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            Plantweb? digital ecosystem

            Take advantage of a scalable portfolio of IIoT solutions to enable digital transformation.

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            IIoT In Action

            Working with Emerson and Microsoft?, Chevron has implemented a cloud-enabled monitoring solution for the heat exchangers at one of its refineries

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