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            Vacuum Equipment

            From small to large, from wet to dry, from professional to homeowner, vacuums can make any cleaning challenge easy.

            Wet/Dry Vacs

            General Purpose Wet/Dry Vacs

            Shop Vacuums with top-of-the-line performance and durability that is required by contractors and DIYers.

            From compact or portable vacuums to powerful, large capacity or even specialty vacuums such as stainless steel, ash vacs, or the ProPack?; RIDGID? has it covered.

            This full line of wet/dry vacuums are conveniently available at The Home Depot?.

            RIDGID Professional Industrial Vacuums

            Professional Industrial Cleaning

            Professional Industrial-grade shop vacuums developed specifically for commercial, facility, and professional use.

            These include powerful and specialty vacuums that meet the needs for the pro such as 2-stage units, the smart pulse that reduces face-loading, and HEPA filtration for RRP.

            These wet/dry vacuums are offered exclusively through industrial distribution.

            Commercial Cleaning

            Commercial Cleaning

            More than 70% of dust, dirt and grime is tracked into a building from outside, and carpets act as a dust sink for airborne particles. Vacuuming is the best way to tackle this challenge.

            Historically, the quality of vacuuming has been evaluated by the appearance of the carpet. However, the statistical data of expert studies have demonstrated the importance of proper vacuuming to issues of indoor air quality, particulate removal and containment, and present new concepts on labor efficiencies.

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